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Cindy Leong, co-founder of Divine Connect , has helped many youths and professionals in their walk through challenging times, especially in the area of relationship searching and building. Workplace relationships are a tricky thing. You spend so much time together and are expected to work together to produce results in spite of your different working styles. Dealing with colleagues may be slightly easier because you could outright confront your differences and ways of compromise through open discussion. Doing so with your boss is slightly more challenging. You usually need to conform to his style of doing things, or risk his or her bad impression of you.

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With beer in hand and an enthusiastic crowd, the welcoming owners of iNCOGNiTO took us through some basic pairing knowledge and we were taught about the different kinds of craft beers. As the night and session drew to a close, it was hard to part ways but the lovely staff graciously allowed us to stay on. Bottoms up to life, love, and laughs! Below Cindy Leong, event facilitator and dating coach with beer workshop instructor.

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For instance, she and her husband have no qualms sharing with each other and laughing about their past relationships, as they take each failed relationship as a point of reference for improvement, instead of the start of reminiscence. Cindy is also a huge fan of giraffes and has a Giraffe Room at home. Interestingly, the BTO flat she now resides in with her husband is the one which he had applied for together with his ex-girlfriend. Instead of feeling uncomfortable, Cindy is happy that she did not have to wait, like every other couple who applies for a BTO flat, for the keys.

They did the name change in the application, and voila, she has skipped to the head of the queue. You have to first be the right one to attract the right one. Usually people go to a dating agency and state their demands. What are these levels? Having said that, if you are a 10, and you happen to see the potential in a 7 or 8, then you might still take the chance. If a guy is generally a nice person, caring, and responsible, at about 5 or 6, but just does not have good grooming, you might still give it a go.

When I first met my husband, he was just a 4 to be very honest. Then when I got to know him better as a friend, his character is what attracts me, so that brings him to a 5 or 6. But the outward bit was still lacking. I suggested a revamp and he was open to the challenge.

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The opinions expressed in this interview are those of Palisade Global Investments and are subject to change without notice. Date a girl who travels. On Lake Rabun in North Georgia.

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When we give up too much of ourselves in a relationship, we may no longer have any time for the things we enjoy doing, or worse, are denied the freedom to stand by the values we believe in and, well, be ourselves. This can make us resentful and cause us to start sabotaging the relationship by picking fights. By putting some of our needs first, we allow ourselves to be happy, which will in turn make us better parters.

Read on to learn more about the seven things you should be selfish about in a relationship. A partner who has your best interests at heart will be supportive of you chasing your dreams. We all feel loved in different ways. You may feel most loved when the two of you sit and cuddle for hours, but he may feel that way when you cook him dinner or do his laundry.

Talking about money early in the relationship helps you figure out your compatibility. Religion is a very personal thing, and some people only date others of the same faith. Sign in. Cleo Singapore Follow. Got a story or some feedback? Drop us an email at community zalora. Written by Cleo Singapore Follow.

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I live in Delhi and I have casual encounters all the time. Very frequently. And I have no hesitation in accepting I am a sex addict. I have been taken home by a woman 15 years older than me from a pub. I have had orgies with friends I have known for over a decade.

Cindy Leong thinks something is missing in Singapore’s culture Divine Connect is a premium personal coaching and matchmaking agency in Singapore with almost a decade of experience in personalised dating services!

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How to Overcome The Fear Of Your Boss To Work More Effectively

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Cindy Leong, dating and relationship coach at Divine Connect and Dolly Chua, chief matchmaker at Gaigai, tell us how to create that spark in a.

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Newly married? A relationship coach shares tips on how to keep the flame alive

Dos and Don’ts for your next date. What turns people off on a date? Here are the top five no-nos, and how to avoid them. You only have one chance at making a great first impression. According to dating agencies in Singapore, the top and biggest turn-off for both genders is poor grooming.

· Heather Chauvin · Leadership Coach, Host of Mom Is In Control Podcast · Kristy Shen and Bryce Leong · Authors of Quit Like a Millionaire.

This slumber party date for couples is packed with fun sleepover ideas, activities, and more ABC closed on hands at Digitalis, the pomp and Deals curated for deals, savings tips, trivia and related to: s Landing RV Parks. Or join an online dating site where adult dating singles sleepover you can cast your net as wide as youd like My boyfriend slept over with my kids home for the first time and.

This app is. My single friends and I also get itchy in the summer city so we go away on weekends Find singles with matchs. How to approach sleeping over at her place like a gentleman. People can imagine, there does she plans to concede that your own home!

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All these advice are good, but sometimes it pays to go back to the basics. Men are visual beings. After a long and tiring day at work, what does your man see when he comes home and open the door? Yes, you heard rightly. This is not some quack advice. An organized home affects us women on every level — physical, emotional, and mental. Psychologists at St Lawrence University, New York link , shows that a cluttered room disturbs our sleep, and makes us more tired. It can increase stress, cause depression and slow down our thinking.

Fengshui, or geomancy if you believe in it , says that clutter is bad for our health too, because energy cannot flow in the house link. When we get quality rest, everything else is within reach. And with it, all the action in the bedroom. So smart women listen up! Keep your bedroom sexy by keeping it tidy and clean. You want to enjoy touching your man and meeting his needs instead packing the room, or worse, nagging and pushing him away.

Why Listening to Married Dating Coaches is Stupid!

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