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Light tanks offer tankers an opportunity to go fast, spot enemies, and even in certain situations, flanking ability. However, in order to deal damage to an enemy, you need to ensure you can penetrate their armor. At tier 6, the importance of penetration becomes obvious given the Tier 8 vehicles that enter the matchmaking pool. The German VK The Chinese get their first entrant on the list in the form of the , which offers mm of penetration on its standard shells. This is the tank that will inevitably lead to one of the greatest Light tank lines in World of Tanks, the WZ series. The AMX 12 t not only offers an outrageously fast reverse speed, but mm of penetration it its 75 mm SA


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The fits your textbook definition of a scout tank. It’s premium ammo can pen almost all tanks within its matchmaker tier when fired at the. World of Tanks on.

Thankfully there appears to be a solution. Open Battle. I see this game has a problem with DX. Click on Done. Now go back to the game and graphics settings. Open “disk cleanup” and run it on all of your drives one by one. The Spiffing Brit 1,, views. If you’re not you’ll be getting a re-certified card back.

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These excellent scouting traits come at a cost though, preventing you from doing most other tasks effectively. A special case of this is when you see a top tier tank platooned with one or two tier 1 tank. Moving forward, among the top priorities for the team is continuing to fine-tune and refine the new matchmaker and arty, working off your suggestions and commentaries.

Randomly is the tier for battle selected. They miss a lot and take forever to reload.

Matchmaking. Up to Tier. VIII Current Configuration. Vturret. turret armor. 45/30/20mm. traverse speed. 48deg/sec. view range. m. Vgun.

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Fish Tanks Direct specializes exclusively in freshwater fish tanks and saltwater aquariums. This is the most important category of combat vehicles, which can be used at relatively inexpensive costs and are most times armed equally, faster, and more flexible and nearly as good as the heavy tank at the same Battle Ratings in War Thunder. Camo Stationary and Camo Moving refers to the base Camo Index without any additional skills, perks, or equipment.

The only differences concern: the arc of cannon descent the IS-2 is incapable of lowering it as much as the IS , the number of health points, the power of the engine the IS-2 is slower than the Soviet IS and the availability of premium shells. The vehicles for the game could vary from a light, medium or heavy tank, to a tank destroyer, or a self-propelled gun on which the player has complete control.

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I bought that first market sale tank, that German light, was not really interested in it, but for that price, seemed a good deal. Over 14 million players on the globe enjoy Field of Tanks on consoles, as per the pr release. EU was sold out it had 20K I believe. Seldom if ever do they analyse the fundamental issue of the very nature of The State.

The duration of this event is about a week, offers will change every 12 hours. When you hold left ALT, it shows in game alternative marker and other information.

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The matchmaking for those two maps will be totally split up, so try your hardest to get as many games as possible. This will help avoid having to fight your way through a ton of games under impossible conditions. The competitive matchmaking for these releases is fairly complex, as typical publicly traded or closed competitive matchmaking would be.

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In a new light tank project was initiated by the Chinese government. Development of vehicle was completed in The new tank, weighing 16 tons, was equipped with a four-wheel torsion-bar suspension and a rear placement of the drive wheel, and mounted a mm gun later upgraded to mm. This tank weighs very little, and has weak armor to match, although its front is angled and rounded turret.

Unfortunately, both its stock view range and speed are subpar for a light tank. The fits your textbook definition of a scout tank. Run them both, put 10 games into each gun and figure out which you prefer. I though I wouldent use the 75 mm, but I gave the autolaoder a try and found I quite liked it. The gun is vicious to anything you can pen be it other scouts, arty or even larger tanks.

The 57 simply cannot spike damage like that, then again the pen sucks. By the way, since this is a thread about the , is the wiki right when it tells me that I basically unlock the best radio for pretty much the entire Chinese line on this one damn tank? Takes a hell of a lot off my shoulders if that’s the case. Even though the stock gun is a small sting, it’s pen means it will always sting. The autoloader is situational.

59-16 which gun?

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